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VTOMAN 1500W Portable Power Station 828Wh LiFePO4 Generator Expand to 2376Wh UK

VTOMAN 1500W Portable Power Station 828Wh LiFePO4 Generator Expand to 2376Wh UK

VTOMAN 1500W Portable Power Station 828Wh LiFePO4 Generator Expand to 2376Wh UK
VTOMAN 1500W Portable Power Station 828Wh LiFePO4 Generator Expand to 2376Wh UK. VTOMAN Jump 1500X portable battery power station is built-in a super safe LIFEBMS battery management system by VTOMAN, it provides up to 10 battery protections for safe charging, including Over-Charge Protection, Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Current Protection, etc. Also thanks to the built-in LiFePO4 cell, Vtoman Jump1500X solar generators is more heat-resistant and safer compared with other NCM batteries.

Besides, the built-in premium LiFePO4 battery features 3,000 cycles of lifespan before down to 80% of its original capacity, which can satisfy both your daily needs and long-term use purpose. VTOMAN battery powered portable generator is rated to provide a pure sine wave 1500W load capacity(Surge 3000W).

In addition to being able to power devices below rated 1500W like most power stations do, Jump 1500X will also output 1500W constant-power when powering over 1500W appliances instead of turning off its output. It provides you an alternative emergency solution when powering appliances over 1500W, such as water heaters, space heaters, ovens, etc. Dual PD 100W Type-C Output? VTOMAN Jump 1500X battery power station features multiple USB output ports, including 4 USB-A ports and 2 Type-C(USB-C) ports. The Type-C ports can provide a fast charge of 100 Watt Max for your electric devices, perfect for laptop office workers; the USB-A ports include a QC 3.0 fast charge port that can output 18W max, great for powering smart-phones, tablet, etc.

Charging Up To 12 Devices Simultaneously? VTOMAN 1500W solar power station has a complete output ports including 3230V/1500W AC Outlets, 2Regulated 12V/10A DC5521 Output, 1Regulated 12V/10A Car Port, 4USB-A Output and 2TYPE-C PD100W Output. It can charge up to 12 devices simultaneously, enough to power most of your electric devices and save your space on wall outlet! Jump1500X generator supports pass through charging, which enables you to use its output function while it gets charged. VTOMAN 1500W portable power station features 2x DC5521 output ports(12V/10A, total 120W Max) and 1x car cigarette lighter port(12V/10A, 120W Max).

All of them are regulated 12V output with a max output power of 120W in total. The DC ports are suitable for powering equipment supports 12V DC input, like car refrigerators, CPAP machines, portable tire inflator, etc. Jump1500X generator suit for home use and outdoor activities such as camping, RV, vans, fishing, etc. Recharge to 80% Within 4 Hrs?

VTOMAN Jump1500X battery power station 1500W features 2x DC5521(5.5mm2.1mm) input ports that supports 200W Max input power in total. It can be recharged by three ways: 1Recharging by wall charger(Included): about 4.5 hours to full; 2Recharging by 12V car outlet(Car charger included): about 7 hours to full; 3Recharging by 200W solar panels: about 6-9 hours to full. VTOMAN home power pack battery backup power supply helps to improve your quality of life in many ways. Firstly it works as a great emergency backup power supply if you live in a residential area that's prone to frequent blackouts, a region that's expecially vulnerable to hurricane, snowstorms, mountain fires, flood, volcanoes, drought, etc. VTOMAN solar charger power station also provides much convenience on camping, RVs, family road trips, vehicle survival, etc.

1x VTOMAN Jump 1500X Power station, 1x AC adapter & charging cable, 1x Car charging cable, 1x Type-C to Type-C cable, 1x USB-A to Type-C cable, 1x User manual. 23% High Energy Conversion Rate? Made of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, Vtoman VS110 portable solar panel can absorb solar energy better with higher conversion efficiency that up to 23% than other conventional panels. VTOMAN VS110 portable solar panel is built-in a universal MC4 interface that works for most power systems. It also comes with a 3-in-1 adapter for converting the MC4 to Anderson/XT60/DC5521 interfaces, which are compactible with most of the power stations on the market.

Fast and Easy Set Up? VTOMAN VS110 solar panel comes with 2 adjustable kickstands for quick set up on the ground. It also features 4 circular holes for easy hanging in the air, such as on balconies and RVs. VTOMAN VS110 solar panels can be folded into smaller sizes for easy portability, providing more flexibility for outdoor and off-grid use. VS110 portable solar panel measures 25.623.71.4 inches when folded and weighs 12.5 lbs. 1VTOMAN VS110 110W/19V portable solar panel. HIGHLIGHTS of VTOMAN Jump 1500X Portable Power Station - 1500W / 828Wh.

Features 3×230V/1500W pure sine wave AC outlets, total of 1500 watts(Surge 3000W). Built-in long-lasting and durable LiFePO4 cell with up to 3,000 cycles of lifespan(To 80% of its original capacity).

1500W constant-power supply for powering over 1500W appliances. Dual PD 100W Type-C fast-charging output for powering MacBook, smartphones, etc. Regulated 12V/10A DC5521(5.5mm×2.1mm) output and car cigarette lighter output, great for powering car refrigerators, CPAP machines, portable tire inflators, car vacuum cleaners, etc. Dual DC input ports with a max input power of 200W, supports charging with two solar panels in series. LIFEBMS is a battery management system by VTOMAN dedicated to improving battery safety and stability.

It integrates up to 10 battery protection modes, including short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, etc. Also, thanks to the built-in LiFePO4 cell, the battery safety and battery life of VTOMAN power stations have been further improved, which provides you with a safe charging and long-term use experience. VTOMAN Jump 1500X power station is equipped with 2×PD 100W Type-C outputs and 4×USB-A outputs, enough to power your smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electric devices at the same time. Jump 1500X features 2 DC input ports (specification: 5.5mm×2.1mm) with a max input power of 200W (The input for a single DC port is also a maximum of 200W). It supports charging by wall chargers, solar panels, and car chargers.

When charging by solar panel, it supports charging with two solar panels in series. You can charge it with two 100W solar panels, also you can charge it with one 200W solar panel. Q: How does the 1500W Constant-Power feature work? A: When the operating power of the device connected to the AC outlet exceeds the 1500W rated power of the Jump 1500X power station, Jump 1500X will not automatically disconnect the AC output but will keep output at a constant power of 1500W for your device. However, it is not suitable for all appliances, and some appliances with strict voltage requirements may not work properly.

Q: Is the DC output regulated at 12V? A: Yes, Jump 1500X is built-in 2×DC5521 output and 1×Car cigarette lighter output, all of them are regulated 12V/10A. Q: What kind of solar panel does Jump 1500X power station support? A: The solar panel needs to meet the following requirements. 1 The open circuit voltage is between 12-30V.

2 The solar panel features a DC5521(5.5mm×2.1mm) connector. If it doesn't have that, you can convert it to DC5521 as well. A: No, you don't need to do that, since all Vtoman power stations are built in MPPT feature.

VTOMAN 1500W Portable Power Station 828Wh LiFePO4 Generator Expand to 2376Wh UK